Peace Joy Growth Prosperity

As we prepare for the holiday season each year, we ready our Christmas card lists, log into Canva and create versions of what eventually will become our Christmas card. We start thinking about the people and businesses who have contributed to our success and to whom we would like to thank. This year we had an idea to give something different. Something that would last longer than the day we put away the Christmas lights. Something that represented our gratitude, something that could keep on giving. The “something” was a plant. Plants are good for you, cheer up any space and could last an exceptionally long time. We called upon our friend Mark – a longtime plant vendor at the Mililani Farmers market. We shared with him our gift idea, hoping he could transform our idea into reality. He returned, not only with suggested plant options but with a proposal to custom make ceramic pots with our logo. We were excited about Mark’s concept! Mark jumped into action, he took our logo and created a 3D mock-up that turned into silicone molds. And voila, our idea became reality as the molds were used to make many pots! In the pots Mark planted a significant and meaningful gift. The Zamioculcas Zamiifolia or ZZ plant is an air purifier, tolerates many environments (easy maintenance), it is also thought to bring good fortune and luck. We are extremely proud of these gifts and were excited to share them with others! We are so grateful to Mark for helping us with this project. We wish him and all who received the ZZ plant peace, growth, and prosperity in the new year. 

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