Our people are our best assets. Their personal and professional growth are paramount. Through continuous company training and development, we can create solutions that make our team more efficient and effective.

Each person has a unique mindset and interpretation of the world around them. This provides In Line Flooring the opportunity to take intentional steps to prioritize a growth mindset in our workplace creating a significant impact within our company culture.

Building a growth mindset at In Line Flooring will be an everlasting effort. Our commitment to continuous learning reflects our persistence to acquire knowledge and competencies, to stay competitive, and to prepare for the unexpected. Research shows that individual mindsets are highly responsive to triggers from their environments. Because of this our management team is dedicated to learning through reading, discussion groups and organizational training on topics specific to leadership and team building. These educational efforts provide management with the knowledge and tools to better serve our teams members.

The value `Imi Ola encourages us to seek out our best lives and to reach our highest potential. We strive to develop and equip ourselves to be the best company to work for and work with.

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