Our Values

Our values reflect what is truly important to In Line Flooring. They do not change from day to day or situation to circumstance. They are the foundation of our company culture.
We deliver more
We go beyond merely doing the job well; we look for ways to bring full satisfaction to our people and our customers. We deliver more by striving to be the best we can be. The proverb ʻkūlia i ka nuʻu’ translates to ‘strive for the summit’ – in all that we do, we strive to deliver more in quality, service, and value.

We invest in people 
We believe that our people are our best assets, and their happiness and growth are important to us. Through recurring training and development of both our company and our workers, we create situations that better both our clients and our team. The value `Imi Ola encourages us to seek out our best lives and to reach our highest potential. We strive to develop and equip ourselves to be the best company to work for and work with.

We value relationships 
We treat others with love and respect, and we work together to come up with creative ideas and the best solutions to help our projects and our people. We mālama our people and customers to create win-win situations in every interaction.

We stand behind our work 
We take responsibility for our work, and our reputation is more important than making a sale. Pono, translating to honesty, integrity, and righteousness, is the foundation of our business. As such, our sense of personal kūleana (responsibility) is a guiding principle that shapes our everyday decisions.

We represent God
We believe that we are God’s company. We lean on Ke Akua as our source of strength, and we credit our success to our faith and relationship to the Lord.

Our Purpose

In Line Flooring is more than a flooring company – we strive to be the best company to work for and work with. We care about people and treat them with respect, and we work together to achieve our goals and dreams. We want to use our success in flooring to help others. Our company legacy is not just about our completed installations. Rather, it is about the story that we are part of and share. As we hoo’mau (persevere), may we use the power of our lives for the lasting good of those we touch – from our customers, to our ‘ohana, to our communities – and never lose sight of the things that are important.

What to Expect

Our Customer Experience

More and more construction projects are finishing over budget. With shorter building durations and unforeseen circumstances, projects are stressful and are not ending well. At In Line Flooring, we care about your project and its success. We know that every project is different, so we partner with you to understand your needs and to come up with a plan that meets your schedule and budget. Our team of experts will deliver the quality, service, and value you expect. We want you to love your experience with us.

Our Employee Experience

To live and raise a family in Hawaii is expensive and difficult to do on your own. We stand together and we invest in each other to create win-win situations. Our employees can afford to live in Hawaii, raise their family, create memorable experiences, and enjoy retirement. We believe that our people are our best assets, and their happiness and success is important to us.

Let’s Work Together