Mental Health Aloha is Love

Since 1994, “Mental Health America” has delegated the month of May as Mental Health Awareness Month in an effort to increase awareness, education, and support around society’s mental well-being. Mental health is essential to our overall health and its importance has become increasingly prominent in the last year.  Millions of adults and children across the world experience mental health problems like anxiety and depression, and those who suffer include our neighbors,`ohana, friends, and even our co-workers.

At our recent shop meeting, Charlayne Ranchez, Workforce Health Consultant from Kaiser Permanente, spoke about emotional wellness and the importance in defining our purpose and self-care. A highlight quote said by Charlene, “How you feed your body is how it feeds your mind”

It is important to educate ourselves, know the warning signs, and learn what practices we can develop today, to help improve our mental well-being.

Online screening is one of the quickest and easiest ways to determine whether you are experiencing the symptoms of a mental health condition. Click the link below to take a mental health test.

Link Here –

Show your support, bring awareness to and learn more about mental health this month and every day.

Mahalo nui to Charlene Ranchez, Randall Higa, and Corey Kashiwa from Kaiser Permanente along with Brian Kaji from HMSA for their resources and kōkua!

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