Rex Poster

In today’s business environment, few things play a greater role in helping businesses succeed than strong, collaborative partnerships.

Recently, Rex Cornair of Cornair Remodeling Inc. stopped by to speak about his partnership with us and the value that our employees bring to his projects.

“It’s about the partnership and value and performance over time. It’s not just about quality, it’s attitude, timeliness, it’s willingness to work with us. The value that In Line Flooring brings to us gives us the ability to turn around and sell that as our product.” – Rex Cornair

Strong partnerships can lead to long-lasting business relationships. At In Line Flooring, we not only strive to be a great employer, but a great company to work with. We believe that the best collaborations create something bigger than the sum of what each of us can create on our own.

Click here to listen to the full audio of Rex Cornair sharing what it means to have a Total Flooring Partner.

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