Partnership and Value and Performance Over Time

In today’s business environment, few things play a greater role in helping businesses succeed than strong, collaborative partnerships. Recently, Rex Cornair of Cornair Remodeling Inc. stopped by to speak about his partnership with us and the value that our employees bring to his projects. “It’s about the partnership and value

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Workplace Wellness at In Line Flooring

Over the last few months, our workplace wellness focus was health and nutrition. In February, we recognized American Heart Month by focusing on cardiovascular health and implementing a Healthy Heart Challenge. A healthy-heart lifestyle is one of the best ways to reduce our risk of heart disease. This

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Now Offering Polished Concrete Services

We always strive to reflect value, to create an experience and to always exceed customer’s expectations. We recently concluded our weeklong SASE University equipment and concrete polishing training. Our employees took the time to increase their skill sets to be able to provide this new service to our

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Happy National Gratitude Month

National Gratitude Month encourages us to embrace the power of gratitude. The more grateful we are, the more present we become - and the more joy we bring into our life. In this season of Thanksgiving and in the spirit of gratitude, we introduced and gifted Gratitude Jars

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Breast Cancer Campaign

We all have the power to change lives. Together as one, we can end breast cancer. This month, In Line Flooring employees took every opportunity to raise awareness by wearing pink - including by donning our newly created masks supporting this cause. In Line Flooring joined the

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